What's being said:

Anthony Cavallo has been an acquaintance of mine for approximately four years now. We have known each other on a professional level for that time. I have always found him to be very pleasant as well as fun and easy to speak with.

I have a successful business in an online community, reaching people world-wide. Anthony has entertained at all three of my venues over the years and continues today. He is the largest draw in respect to guest attendance and he always fills the house whenever he performs. As an entertainer on stage, he has a commanding presence. He is personable, fun, energetic and has a wonderful sense of humor. His laugh is at times infectious, he gets the crowds going and everyone just loves this very talented and engaging singer.

Anthony is the consummate professional. His passion for music and the songs he sings is evident in each and every rendition. His pleasant and charismatic demeanor is a delight in a world where ego's seem to be more prominent than an entertainer's talent.

In closing, I would like to add, Anthony would be a wonderful addition to any club or venue's line-up.


Nancy B
Franks Entertainment Group

What's being said:

I have known Anthony for several years now. He is the most consumate Stage Singer and performer that has ever been my pleasure to hear and enjoy. My Godfather, Jerry Vale, has heard him sing on a few occasions and has called attention to his Smooth sound and perfect phrasing.

In 2011 Anthony, after competing against several hundred other contestants, was named the "Best Male Singer". I have personally attended more than 100 of his shows and he never ceases to amaze me with his showmanship and his pure raw talent. His range , dynamic sound and versatility can only be matched by a handful in todays market. His renditions of his Rat Pack offerings creates a mood that the Audiences just loves.

How do I know this? Because I'm in my 38th year of Show Business and have worked with the best. I have played The Hollywood Bowl, The Carpenter Center, Royal Albert Hall and The Sidney Opera House just to name a few. I am a Composer-Arramger, and Musician accomplished on 11 Instruments.

Anthony has strong sense of discipline and values, which is rare today's world. His word is "Gold". Most of all, He has become a very dear friend.


Kelly Andel
CEO Shamrock-Sony Productions Studios

What's being said:

We were very happy to have Anthony at the 69 Wine Bar and Bistro. It was a fun set and everyone enjoyed themselves greatly. Anthony was wonderful, and I look forward to having him back next year for a theme night or two.

69 Wine Bar and Bistro
Southsea, England

What's being said:

The New President Hotel is delighted to be able to send our thanks and best wishes to Anthony following his many recent appearances here. Our guests very much enjoyed Anthony's performances and we would have great pleasure in welcoming him back to our stage when he returns to the UK for any forth coming events in the coming years.

The New President Hotel
Blackpool, England